Creating a Manifesto for The New Year

Every year I create a vision board, celebrate new beginnings with my family and wait on the New Year to come and usher in a plethora of blessings unto me. But this year I wanted to do something different. I’ve heard people choose a word or three and declare them the theme for the year. So this year I figured I’d do something similar. I’ve decided to create my 4 pillars of 2019.

When I began to reflect on 2018 and what it meant to me, I started to think of what I needed to move forward and live out my purpose. I couldn’t just focus on one thing. Truth is, I tried really hard to use one word to describe my theme for the year and that just didn’t work out for me. Instead, I got four.

The four words that came to me are: identity, community, discipline and fearless.

My intent is for my 4 pillars to act as a checks and balance system for me. It’s kind of like my personal “mission statement” or “10 commandments” for the year. For every opportunity, person, though or idea that comes into my life, I will run them through my 4 pillars to see if it aligns with the vision I’ve been given for my life. I’ve developed a written version of my 4 pillars that I say to myself when making a decision.

Identity. Am I being true to who I am at my core? (Don’t think about what others will say. Do you.) Does this feel right? Does it resonate with me? Am I in alignment with my purpose?

Community. Will this benefit the collective now or in the future? Is this going to push the collective forward? Will you be building a larger community? Will this enhance the community vibration or take away from it?

Discipline. What habits must you develop for this to work? Can this be integrated into your life without messing up shit? If you do this daily, what will be the end result? Are you committed to this?

Fearless. Have you done this before? What’s more fearful than this? Did you survive? Does this scare the shit out of you? Yes? Then good, do it. No? Then what are you doing it for?  Will this knock you off of your block? Will you be able to bounce back from this? Will this experience make you a better person for the journey/collective? Will you die?

It may seem like a long process, but think of how long we actually spend wasting time on social media. What if we actually spent time making decisions about the things we’re trying to avoid. Because, we all know that’s the real reason we scroll all day. Avoidance.

If you have a theme for the year, share it with me. If you haven’t and want to create your own pillars for 2019 the do your thing and tell me what you come up with. It can’t hurt. I strongly believe that no matter what method we use to better ourselves, the intent behind the method is what sends things into motion. That and some action.

Lessons from 2018: a Personal Recollection

I believe that every day of every year comes with lessons for us to learn and take along with us on our journey. In this human experience, it can be difficult to grasps these lessons because we feel that our emotions are invalid and we’re supposed to be a certain way in order for us to maintain a sense of normalcy.

But it is through reflection, standing in truth and honoring our feelings that we grow and gain divine wisdom. This year has been one of my greatest teachers. Though while in it I was ready for it to be over, but now I’ve gained so much appreciation for everything. I’ve learned so much because I was open. And though my spirit wants to give away everything, I narrowed it down to eight lessons.

  • Be proactive vs. reactive. Adulting means anticipating what needs to be done rather than waiting for shit to happen. It sounds basic, but how many of us spend more time cleaning up our mess instead of putting things where they belong?

  • Things can change overnight. Literally, you can be up one month and down the next. I learned this first hand. I lost my car (Rico finally quit on me) and then got back rolling only for a man to run into the back of me a month later. My entire life changed in a matter of minutes. I had a booming business as a writer and then made a decision that affected my income drastically which resulted in the trickle down effect. In a matter of months, I almost lost everything.

  • Highlight the positives. I spent alot of time in silence because I didn’t feel that my accomplishments were big enough. That isn’t healthy. I deserve to feel good and be my own damn cheerleader for all of my accomplishments. Not to mention that what I look at as small may be big to someone else and I could inspire them to go after their goals. Always remember it’s not about you.

  • Love is freedom, not possession. This lesson is a continuation from 2017. Allow people the freedom to choose. Simply. Whether they chose who or what you would like for them to should not affect the love you have for them. That’s love.

  • Get over yourself. I spent some time apologizing to people who I felt owed me an apology. Again, it’s not always about you. Consider others and just do what needs to be done.

  • Let the children guide you. For the parents, this one is key. It’s so important to allow your child to be your guide. They will open your mind to so much if you allow them to. My daughter has led me to selfcare bubble baths, to clients at the park,  to lessons on forgiveness and more. Trust your children.

  • We all need healing. We all have some shit to unpack. We all have work to do. This year was about healing and discovery for me. I was exposed to myself and the things that were buried deep inside and that helped me to see other people from a place of compassion. This year has forced me to do the work and in doing so, my calling as a healer, medicine woman and intuitive came to me loud and clear.

  • I don’t fit into a box and I never will. I am chosen and my lane is whatever lane I’m in at the time I’m driving. We have the right to move through this human experience however we want. We can change our minds. If you want to be a lawyer and decide after you’ve gotten your criminal justice degree that law school isn’t for you, then forget it! Do you boo. Do what lights up your soul. I figured I’d leave boxes in 2018 and just roll with what feels good. Putting myself in a box has never worked out anyway.

I learned the art of transmutation this year and it’s really helped me to be okay with the way life was unfolding. In essence, transmutation is like having a cheat code. All of my experiences that seemed like they were working against me were really working for me.

As we move into 2019, I plan to keep the same energy. I’m welcoming whatever is meant for me knowing and trusting that all things are working for my highest good.